Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's april!

We had a nice visit a couple weeks ago with my Aunt Roselyn and Uncle George. We saw them twice for dinner and it was nice to catch up.

Easter was uneventful but relaxing nonetheless. We had a nice brunch with my parents up in Cave Creek and spent the day there, took a 2.5 mile walk and enjoyed the sunshine. We like escaping up north because it's a bit slower paced, about 5 degrees cooler (at least) than Mesa, and my parents have a backyard for the dogs to romp around in!

I'm going to start scrapbooking (digitally) this summer, probably start next month, and I'm very excited about it. I'll probably dig through all of my old photos, take a day to scan them, and start on a book. I think I'd like to do one for Josh and I, maybe give it to him for our six year anniversary? Don't worry, folks, he doesn't read "our" blog. ;)

We put a deposit down for a lady to "build us a cake". It's yummy and we love our design. I can tell you it's 4 tiers, and two flavors, but that's all I want to share until you're there celebrating with us and seeing and tasting the cake!

We've started looking at: catering menus (yum!) and booking hotel blocks. The former is a lot of fun and hard to decide, the latter is kind of boring and am hoping I can convince my Dad to just decide for us. (Hi, Dad).