Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spring break...

This week is ASU's spring break! Sadly I have to work today, but tomorrow we're headed to the East Coast to visit the Reilly's and do some wedding-ish type things.

We have two cake tastings set up (yum!), mostly just for fun. We're going to do a walk-through of our venue and hopefully get some ideas of what we want it to look like for our day. We're meeting the DJ, and will be having dinner (also with my parents) at our rehearsal dinner restaurant. We'll also be meeting with the coordinator to bounce some ideas around. Umm, I think that's all for the wedding stuff. Besides that we're just going to hang out, and maybe Josh will see his friends and ask them to be groomsmen.

Very random, but here's a Super Mario Bros wedding cake...

Just checked weather.com, and woohoo, looks like the highs are going to be between the high 40s and 50s in Virginia. Sigh. That's really not that bad, considering North Dakota's high is -5 right now but feels like -34. Makes me want to never visit ND.

This month Maya turns 11! I can't believe it. Our dogs are doing great. Now here are some obligatory photos of them ;).

Maya hanging out on the couch

Lazy bum on the couch

Maya sunning in the Adams' backyard

Ollie enjoying the Adams' backyard