Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Denver photos

Here are some more photos of our Denver trip, and of our adorable 6 month old nephew Leo! I took a lot because he's just SO cute (and photogenic!).

Vanessa and I on our night out :)

Josh and I on our night out

Ness and Mom

Sneaking in to take a photo when he's napping


The cute family

Striking Happy Baby pose

Yum, oatmeal!

Smiling at his Aunty

Yanking his Aunt's braid haha!

The three of us posing for a photo in Leo's nursery

Handsome boy!


  1. Great pics! You will get some more next week!!

  2. Loved all the photos Nikki! I miss them all so much.

  3. Great pics! He's getting so big!