Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Denver Visit

This past week we were in Denver with our nephew Leo Adams. He turned one month old on the 12th! He is getting so big and growing so fast, it's so neat to see his development. He is very aware now, and learning how to smile and laugh. He's adorable! Josh and I were both lucky enough to get to take a few days off of work to visit him.

I took a million photos of the little guy so I've decided to split them up into two different slide shows. We had so much fun in Denver, it even snowed on Monday which I enjoyed.

Vanessa and Vinny are already great parents!


  1. aww, I just realized - how cute and great will it be to have Leo as your ring-bearer?!

  2. i know, exactly our thinking! we can't wait! :) i wonder how well he'll be able to walk by then...