Friday, January 16, 2009

Seems so soon, but...

We've picked a date in May 2010, but it won't be officially announced until we secure a venue! I know it seems like a long time away, but with my full-time school schedule and my work, plus Josh putting in the hours he is now, we definitely need some time to plan (and not be stressed about it!).

And what's another year of waiting, we've been dating this long anyway, right? ;)

I'm so excited, I have some great ideas for our wedding. We've also picked wedding colors, which will remain a it's a start. Josh is surprisingly into helping with everything, it's so great!

Josh's mom, April, scouted out a venue for us today and we're eagerly awaiting photos. We've decided we will most likely have our wedding in the Virginia/DC area unless something changes in the next few months.

It's where we both grew up, where we hung out our first summer dating (and the next summers during VT breaks), and where a lot of Josh's family still lives. We both still have friends in that area. My family is pretty much spread out all over the US, so we needed to find some central area. I hope everyone we love can make it!