Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just kidding, just kidding.

In the previous post I wrote that we wanted honeymoon suggestions but that we weren't thinking about doing the island thing. We still would like suggestions, but we talked it over and are thinking we *should* maybe do somewhere tropical that has guaranteed good weather for our honeymoon.

Alaska won't be horribly cold in June, but might not be as pleasant for us as, say, St. Lucia or Hawaii. Ireland won't be cold, either, but it rains quite a bit there. Josh thinks we should wait until our one year anniversary for Ireland or Alaska, and go somewhere warm where we're sure the elements won't be a factor in how much fun we have.

So, there are no limits to suggestions now!!

In other news, we're both very happy we've decided upon an outdoor wedding versus the hotel ballroom wedding we had thought we were going to do when we first got engaged. Outdoor, garden wedding seems a bit more "us".

The rose arbor at our venue

The house on our wedding venue's property


  1. I have very fond memories of St. Lucia. You can lay out at the beach but also hike through the rain forest. I vote for St. Lucia. Also, you might consider Costa Rica. Dad knows someone there who owns a B and B.

  2. Sorry, its not a B&B. He invited me but its not open to the public. A DC partner of mine goes to a resort in St. Lucia all the time because it is a spa/healthy lifestyle resort. I can check the name.

  3. belize, costa rica or kauai!

    on a sidenote: i miss dogwoods! that picture is so virginia and so gorgeous :)