Friday, January 23, 2009

the fun trip

A few honeymoon ideas we've thrown around...

- Ireland

- Alaskan cruise
- Mediterranean Cruise
- Hawaiian/Tahitian Cruise

- Hawaii (at least Maui and Kauai, maybe the big island if we have time)
- Costa Rica
- Puerto Rico
- St. Lucia (most likely an all-inclusive)
- Jamaica (same as above)
- New Zealand (probably won't have enough time off for this)
- South Africa (beach for a few days, safari for a few days)

We're skipping Mexico and some other Caribbean islands because we've been there before, so they'll be options for later.

Josh jokingly suggested renting an RV and driving around the US to all of the National Parks, mostly in the Northwest. I, personally, think we should save this for another time. Driving ourselves seems stressful and that is not my idea of fun for a honeymoon. :)



Hawaii (Kauai specifically)

St. Lucia

Costa Rica

South Africa

Still need help and suggestions! And to save money, or we won't be going anywhere at all!


  1. Check this out. I know someone who goes to The Body Holiday at Le Sport once or twice a year and loves it. Sort of a resort/spa in St. Lucia. But this link shows lots of options. Jamaica is too crime-ridden. Hawaii looks fabulous too. Lots to see and do there. Do you want to tour and sightsee or laze on the beach?

  2. All the choices sound wonderful. Peg and Phil went to Africa so you might ask them their views.

  3. I would suggest against a cruise. You don't get to spend much time at the places they stop, and it's basically just an all-you-can-eat fest, but not much else. My parents went on one and had fun, but if it hadn't have been free, they wouldn't have gone.

    I vote for Alaska because I've always wanted to go there, but Hawaii would be nice as well. And Ireland is beautiful. Oh geez, too many choices!

  4. i went to jamaica few years back and i wouldn't suggest it. we had fun but the people there were not very nice to us (the women at least) and everything that wasn't the resort was kind of shady (including the airport). since you both seem interested in doing more than just sitting on the beach, i don't think jamaica is the best way to go.

  5. I've been to Ireland a couple of times in the past few years (look on my blog sidebar under "Labels" and click on "Ireland" if you want to see blog posts about our trips)
    May is a lovely time of the year there, but it only stays in the high 60's to low 70's most of the time.
    The Irish love to go to the beaches of Spain to enjoy the warmth and sun!
    So I'd suggest Ireland only if you want to do some sightseeing. I could give you some suggestions of where to go if you do decide to go there. Does Josh have any family members that live there?

  6. I think South Africa seems like the coolest trip - but this is coming from someone who wants to go to the Galapagos Islands someday for her honeymoon ;-) I think half relaxation/ half adventure sounds perfect! They do say trying new things together is an aphrodisiac!