Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mark your calendars...

We have officially set a wedding date! We will be getting married on Saturday May 29, 2010 in Alexandria Virginia.

It's official now because we have a wedding venue (which is to be announced at a later date 'cause we want to keep things a surprise).

We've also booked our wedding photographers, which is exciting because they are *so* good. They actually photographed Vanessa and Vinny's wedding and their prints came out amazing.

Josh is looking into honeymoons and his parents are researching places for a rehearsal dinner. His mom, April, helped us by scouting out venues in person after we had found them online. It's so nice to still have someone in northern Virginia to help us out!

We haven't booked any other vendors yet, but are throwing around the idea of having a wedding planner in order to relieve me of lots of planning while I'm in school full-time.

Any honeymoon suggestions are welcome! We are probably not going to go the island route, mostly because Josh can't swim so that takes away quite a few activities, especially since we'll want to be together at all times. :)

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